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Policy & Catalog Update

Hello again fellow researchers, hope everyone has been doing well. If you haven’t already received our newsletter including the new product update here it is!

We have added new products to our catalog and offer to all our customers the following:
Considered as one of the older research chemicals in the lysergamide family. Widely known as ALD-52 or 1A-LSD.
ALD-52 has been exceptionally hard to come by in the last few years. Luckily, we have got our hands on a very limited supply of it. This very well could be the last time we ever stock this rare product.
Originally named “Curie” by the original research group upon its discovery, however it is widely known as 1CP-LSD. This is a new novel lysergamide that has been available for research initially in 2019.
 The products that offer are strictly to be used for in-vitro research only. Meaning no veterinary (animal) or human research is permitted in any circumstance.

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